News 2019

November 6th

New motor under construction

350 chevy. Brodix aluminum heads, mech roller. aprox 450hp

News 2016

September 23rd

New motors under construction

September 21st

New motor for sale

News 2015

October 8th

SB Chevy under construction.

Photo and info under 4-sale

August 28th

New motor under construction

June 26th

Bracket motor 4 sale, 900+ hp


April 23rd

New photos.

December 10th

New motor project

October 14th


August 20th

New motors under construction

March 7th


February 22nd

New 350 under construktion

New crank balancer

News 2013

December 10th

new motor for sale
Oktober 17th

July 21th

new motors for sale

march 9th

new photos

march 2

mopar 318 4- sale

News 2012

november 7th

mopar 318 4-sale

october 18th

2 more motors for sale


october 3rd

New motor for sale

News 2011

december 28th

new photo of the Dodge

december 7th

the truck´s been out for a testdrive

november 27th

2 new marinmotors for sale.

photo on the new bumper, Dodge



oktober 26th

instruments in place on the Dodge

oktober 19th

Jari visited the "motorsoffa" at Nitroz




Welcome to Konolaracing

The place where you will get proffesional help with your motor!

We build and repair motors for race, street and marin.

At Konolaracing you can repair your motor or buy a new one, repair your carburators, or get headservice. Want a custom-made intakemanifold? Tell us what you want - we can solve most of it.

If you just want to Dynotest your motor, thats fine as well.

All our motors are dynotested before delivery.

We have more than 30 years of building motors. Have competed 21 years in dragracing.




New design, serpentine pulley kit for Chrysler BB. Even custom designe.